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We Are Passionate About Helping Our Clients Creating Untaxable Wealth Lifestyle

Our Mission

We fervently dedicate ourselves to empowering our clients in the strategic cultivation of tax exempt wealth thereby actualizing their envisioned lifestyle aspirations At the heart of our mission lies the customization of exclusive financial solutions meticulously designed to align with the unique goals and circumstances of each client Our esteemed team of experts exhibits unwavering commitment towards orchestrating strategies that minimize tax liabilities while simultaneously amplifying your financial security With our proficient guidance the path to financial independence becomes attainable facilitating the realization of your lifestyle dreams Our distinguished firm takes immense pride in delivering exceptional service and comprehensive support We not only aid our clients in fulfilling their financial ambitions but also enable them to live their lives to the fullest devoid of fiscal worries Trust us to steer your financial journey sculpting it towards unparalleled prosperity and security
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Cultivating substantial wealth necessitates strategic growth—an aspect inherent in our tax-exempt wealth methodologies. By meticulously reducing, recouping, or even completely negating tax obligations, we enable you to fulfill your growth aspirations with unparalleled speed and efficiency.

Our strategic approach, deeply rooted in sophisticated financial planning, facilitates the maximization of your wealth while concurrently minimizing tax liabilities. Capitalizing on our superior expertise and guidance, you can deftly refine your financial strategies, thereby propelling your trajectory towards sustained fiscal success.

Rest assured that our comprehensive and customized solutions, underpinned by our seasoned professionals' insights, will steer you firmly towards the realization of your financial objectives.




In line with esteemed investor Warren Buffet's cardinal principle of investing—eschewing financial losses—our wealth strategies deliver robust defense mechanisms to safeguard your wealth. They transcend traditional investment strategies by negating inherent risk elements.

The bedrock of our strategies revolves around curtailing your susceptibility to market volatility, thus ensuring an unwavering safeguarding of your investments. Through our specialized guidance, we empower you to invest confidently in a portfolio meticulously tailored to match your distinct financial circumstances and objectives.

Our mission is to assist you in nurturing and augmenting your wealth, while simultaneously minimizing the potential for financial losses. Trust us to steer your financial journey with an expertly-balanced approach, fostering growth and resilience amidst an ever-evolving financial landscape.


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The quintessence of amassing wealth does not solely lie in the magnitude of your earnings, but significantly in the portion you successfully retain. Our wealth strategies are astutely devised to enable you to hold onto a greater share of your hard-earned wealth, achieved by diminishing both your present and prospective tax liabilities.

Through the deployment of our carefully designed strategies, we endeavor to curtail, recoup, and potentially annul your tax liability. This in turn facilitates the retention of a more substantial portion of your wealth. Our team of esteemed experts will collaborate closely with you to formulate a personalized strategy that optimizes your financial objectives while mitigating your tax obligations.

By leveraging our astute guidance, you can secure financial stability and a comforting peace of mind. Rest assured, your wealth is managed with the utmost efficacy and efficiency, allowing you to concentrate on expanding your financial horizons.


Empower yourself with the knowledge to harness the potent capabilities of Untaxable Wealth©, effectively transmuting your present and future tax liabilities into tax-free wealth and income. Our distinguished team of experts stands ready to guide you through the intricate process of liberating the dynamic power of untaxable wealth. With our assistance, you can adeptly refine your financial strategies to realize your wealth augmentation ambitions.

By astutely curbing your tax liabilities and bolstering your income potential, we facilitate the construction of a robust financial edifice for your future. Allow us to demonstrate how to revolutionize your financial circumstances, paving the way towards unbridled financial liberation.

Under our proficient guidance, you can unveil the authentic potential of your wealth, relishing the merits of untaxed income. Trust in our expertise to help you navigate the complex path towards unlocking unparalleled wealth growth.

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For many years, we have assisted business owners, professionals, and executives in growing, protecting, and retaining their wealth by adopting the Untaxable Lifestyle©. Our guide provides valuable insights and strategies for achieving financial freedom in retirement.

In this guide, you will discover:

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How to avoid falling into the Retirement Tax Trap...

Unless you enjoy paying taxes, you should definitely pay attention to this.

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The three types of money, and why the one that matters...

most in retirement is also the one that the government dislikes the most, as it results in the loss of the highest amount of tax dollars.

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The preferred financial vehicle...

used by top investors, including banks, executives, and professional athletes.

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What your next step should be to become "Untaxable" in retirement...

However, delaying this process will only make it harder to achieve in the future, as the government is becoming increasingly aware of these strategies, and the window of opportunity is rapidly closing.

The path towards an Untaxable Wealth and Lifestyle is our area of expertise. Our team is dedicated to guiding you through this process, providing personalized financial solutions that help you optimize your financial strategies and achieve your desired lifestyle. Our aim is to help you minimize your tax liabilities, maximize your income potential, and build a solid financial foundation for the future. Let us show you how to unlock the potential of untaxable wealth and live the lifestyle you've always envisioned. With our guidance, you can achieve financial freedom and peace of mind, knowing that your wealth is being managed efficiently and effectively.




To see if you can qualify to build Untaxable Wealth© and Live the Untaxable Lifestyle©



So you can reduce, recapture or possibly eliminate taxes in order to Build Untaxable Wealth©.

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Spend time on things that matter most, live the Untaxable Lifestyle© and create Your Untaxable Legacy©.

You are 3 steps away from living the untaxable lifestyle

The Problem...

The conventional methods of managing your money, wealth, and retirement savings, such as 401(k)s and IRAs, have some significant issues. Firstly, they are limited in terms of funding, which can be frustrating for business owners and successful professionals who want to save more than the government-imposed limits of these accounts.

Secondly, these accounts grow tax-deferred until you withdraw the money in retirement, which means the IRS will take a significant portion of that money. Historical tax rates since 1950 show that the top bracket has ranged from 28% to 92%. Yes, you read that right - for decades, top tax rates were as high as 70-92%, and there's talk in Congress of returning to those levels.

With a tax-deferred investment vehicle, you're essentially trading a known tax rate (which is historically low) for an unknown rate that has a high probability of being significantly higher. Don't fall into this trap -

Schedule a call with us today, and let our expert team guide you towards financial freedom and success.

The positive aspect is that...

We specialize in assisting high-income business owners, executives, and professionals in converting their biggest lifetime expense - taxes - into wealth, thereby accelerating their ability to achieve their ideal financial future on their own terms.

Our approach involves implementing The Untaxable Wealth Method, which can reduce, recapture, or even eliminate taxes both now and in the future. These strategies do not limit your ability to build wealth or contribute to your retirement plans.

The best part is that these strategies are not just reserved for the ultra-wealthy. In fact, about 70% of Fortune 500 companies utilize them, and we have discovered a way to make them available to successful business owners, executives, and professionals like you.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you unlock the power of Untaxable Wealth and achieve financial freedom.


Our goal is to understand your financial hopes, goals, and desires and do our part to get you there.

To the extent we are able to do this, we have accomplished our mission helping you Build and Live Untaxable Lifestyle.

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Many self proclaimed asset protection, "experts" focus on assisting clients with wealth preservation from typical creditors, such as individuals who file a lawsuit for the negligence following a car accident, a patient who sue doctors for malpractice or someone who suffers a slip and fall injury on a property and sues the owner. Although protecting oneself from such creditors is undoubtedly crucial, for clients with substantial assets, it is important to recognize that there are other potential creditors that individuals need to safeguard against. Asset protection can be achieved through domestic or offshore strategies. Domestic asset typically entails, utilizing Limited Liability Companies, (LLCs) and Family Limited Partnerships (FLPS)

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Asset Protection

Many self proclaimed asset protection, "experts" focus on assisting clients with wealth preservation from typical creditors, such as individuals who file a lawsuit for the negligence following a car accident, a patient who sue doctors for malpractice or someone who suffers a slip and fall injury on a property and sues the owner. Although protecting oneself from such creditors is undoubtedly crucial, for clients with substantial assets, it is important to recognize that there are other potential creditors that individuals need to safeguard against. Asset protection can be achieved through domestic or offshore strategies. Domestic asset typically entails, utilizing Limited Liability Companies, (LLCs) and Family Limited Partnerships (FLPS)

Who are other common creditors clients don't think of as a "typical" creditor?

The IRS and State Government (if you have state income tax)

Each each year, the IRS is a top assured creditor for everyone. High income taxpayers pay taxes to this creditor annually. Naturally, you would want to reduce your income tax payments by $15,000, $50,000, or even $100,000+, our firm may be able to assist you in achieving the.

The Stock Market

If you had invested money from 2000 - 2002, when the stock market experienced a nearly 40% decline in its value, or during the market crash between 2007 and March 2009, which saw a 59% drop, you would know this to be true. It's worth reflecting on whether you suffered losses during those periods. Do you want to invest your money in tools that promote wealth building with strong growth potential, while also mainly protecting all of the majority of your investment? Would you like to learn a guaranteed rate of return of 7% to 8% (accumulation value) over a 10 to 20 year period, along with a guaranteed lifetime income that you can never outlive?

Estate Taxes

Clients who possess significant wealth tend to be concerned about the estate taxes that their heirs will have to pay upon their passing/ transition. However, only a few advisers possess expertise in "advanced" estate planning techniques that can mitigate such taxes. Our firm specializes in helping clients reduce their estate taxes through supercharged gifting strategies, charitable planning, and other little known tools that the "average" advisor may not be aware of. If you would like to learn more about estate planning tools that can help you mitigate or avoid estate taxes we encourage you to reach out to our office.

Long Term Care (LTC) Expenses

For clients age 65 and above, the top guaranteed creditor is long-term care (LTC) expenses, which encompass drug cost, home health care, nursing home stays, surgeries and much more. It is critical for clients to shield themselves from this unavoidable expense. However, many clients are hesitant to purchase LTC insurance because they view it as a waste of money if they never need to use it. At our firm, we specialize in using wealth building products like Fixed Index Annuity's (FIAs) and single premium life policies, which have unique wealth building or transfer characteristics that also include an LTC benefit. By leveraging these products, our clients can protect themselves against the risk of LTC expenses, while still building wealth.


The purpose of the financial planning section on this website is not to provide readers with a comprehensive guide on how to invest their money in the stock market. Instead, this section will focus on asset protection and introduce fresh ideas to consider when creating a financial plan.

INVESTMENT GOALS: Our philosophy is to strive for the "minimum amount of risk required to achieve your financial objectives," although few people follow this principle.

Have you established your investment goals? Better yet, have you discussed them with a professional? Most individuals have not. Instead, they deposit their funds into the stock market and hope for the best in their E-Trade account, 401(k)/IRA, or that their "money manager" is performing well for them.

How well has your investment portfolio performed over the last 5, 10, or 20 years?

Would you have been content with a guaranteed rate of return of 6-8% over the last 10-20 years, resulting in an accumulated value used to pay you a guaranteed lifetime income that you can never outlive? Most individuals would answer yes.

NO DOWNSIDE RISK AND TAX-FREE GROWTH AND WITHDRAWALS: If you invested in the stock market during the past decade or more, the probability that it suffered a 46% decline from 2000 to 2002 and a 59% drop from 2007 to March 2009 is substantial.

Our company is an expert in utilizing wealth-building instruments that minimize or eliminate risk, permitting your funds to increase tax-free and be withdrawn tax-free during your retirement.

RETIRING WITH LESS RISK: If you are interested in discovering more about retiring with reduced risk, please get in touch with our office.

RECEIVING HELP: We aspire and trust that a considerable number of individuals browsing our website will be astounded by the content they read and view. If you find the information interesting or captivating and are eager to learn how our company can utilize the tools discussed to assist you in increasing your wealth with minimal risk, enabling you to accomplish your retirement, tax, and estate-planning objectives, please get in touch with our office to request additional details or arrange a meeting.

Estate planning

Do you believe your estate plan is properly arranged?

Many individuals assume that because they work with a lawyer and an accountant/CPA/EA, the answer is yes, but that may not always be true.

When examining a group of ten people, the following statistics apply:

~1-2 people will not have a simple will.

~5-6 people will not have Durable Powers of Attorney.

~5-6 people will not have marital living trusts.

~9-10 people will not have a Family Limited Partnership (FLP).

~7-8 people will not have an Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust (ILIT).

Although many people realize their estate plans are not in order, they often believe they are too busy and postpone dealing with their estate plan. If you have been putting off your estate plan, please take action now to put it in order.

Estate planning is a vast subject and cannot be covered in an introductory web page. However, we have highlighted a few of the most critical topics that are frequently not handled appropriately in most estate plans. We are confident that this website will assist you in learning more about estate planning, and we encourage you to contact us to develop a comprehensive plan that covers not only your estate plan but also your asset protection and financial plans.

These important topics include Life Insurance, Life Settlements, Long-Term Care Insurance, and Charitable Planning.

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Premium Finance

Life insurance premium financing is a method of paying for a policy's premiums by obtaining a loan from a third party. The lender charges interest, and the borrower, who is typically the insured, makes regular payments until the debt is paid off or the insured passes away. If the insured dies, the remaining balance is usually paid using the insurance proceeds. This approach is beneficial for wealthy individuals who don't want to sell their assets to cover expensive life insurance premiums.

Andrej Kandus - Principal

Andrej Kandus is a member of the prestigious MDRT. Founded in 1927, the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT), The Premier Association of Financial Professionals®, is a global, independent association of more than 49,500 of the world's leading life insurance and financial services professionals. Andrej specializes in advanced financial strategies for successful business owners and wealthy families that help them enjoy as much as 40% tax relief on their qualified plan distributions, and finance their retirement and business succession plans. Together, we are committed to helping you reach a ZERO tax status.

Storm Cattoche - Principal

As soon as I began working for a large corporation, I began my 401K journey, thinking that I would be sitting pretty by retirement age. After all, I was in my early 20s, and this is what all the financial experts advised. Imagine my surprise when the banking crisis of the 90’s hit, and everything in my 401K tanked. No worries, I’m still young and have enough time, I’ll just start over I thought. Imagine my surprise after starting over when my company filed for bankruptcy, and not only did I lose my 401K again, but I also lost my pension. Are you kidding me? I thought, okay, I’ll just live like a squirrel and put away absolutely ALL my spare change and dig for whatever is between the couch cushions, under the rug, and throw in my coin collection. The truth is that I had to find a better way. I studied what the wealthiest American families did, and this strategy was one of their solutions. I am a licensed insurance producer, real estate broker, and certified property and estate manager. I use every available tool to help you become untaxable and live your dream.

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